neil baxter
private or corporate cooking experiences
Rundles Cooking Classes offer fully hands on cooking, under the tutelage of one of the country’s most respected, classically trained Chefs, Neil Baxter, in his kitchen. In addition to being trained classically, Chef Baxter is fluent in a wide variety of world cuisines, and is as comfortable creating a traditional family style Indian feast, as he is designing and producing a five course three star dining experience.

There is no demonstration kitchen here; no island to sit behind while your dinner is being prepared. Instead the menu, and any unusual ingredients or methods are discussed, and then the group is divided into smaller groups, and each is assigned a course, or aspect of the meal. Chef Baxter is present to assist and offer advice during the meal preparation, but the meal is prepared by the group, and then enjoyed by the group along with wines chosen to highlight the menu and an evening of laughter and relaxation.

Cooking is a very personal thing. It is emotional, pleasurable, sustaining, creative and fun. Each of us is filled with memories of smells and tastes that stay ingrained in our hearts for the extent of our lives. What better way to spend time with friends or family, build corporate team camaraderie or entertain clients than to share one of these memories or cooking experiences with them.

Each class conceived by Chef Baxter is unique and can therefore be tailored to meet the needs of your individual group.